Skeletal misalignments are usually very common among equestrians. Their regular activities often cause pressure on their bones and muscles. The stress they get whenever they ride their horses affects their lower spine and other parts of their body.

Sometimes riders may experience muscle contractions and pelvic rotations. These things can get really painful. A Chiropractor can help them deal with these discomforts.

Chiropractic care is known to help equestrians in correcting skeletal misalignments. Dr. Dresner is a Wellington chiropractor who can help equestrians ease the pain they feel due to misaligned spines and injured muscles or joints.

Since an assessment will be done on the first appointment, it would be helpful if a rider can describe the areas and the time when pain is felt. Based on the diagnosis, treatments will then be recommended to individually resolve these conditions.

In addition to this, other notable details like bumps, spasms, difficulty of movement, or having one leg shorter than the other are common indicators that can help Wellington chiropractor Dr. Dresner determine the course of treatment.

What’s more interesting is that chiropractic care actually helps equestrians by improving their overall wellness. Visits to a chiropractor can help them increase their energy and range of motions.

Chiropractic care has a lot of benefits which can help everyone improve their health. That said, it is a very wise decision to visit a chiropractor regularly.

For equestrians, going to a chiropractor now may significantly reduce the possibility of having worse spinal or muscle problems later on.

If you are looking for a Wellington chiropractor who can help you improve your performance in riding or if you just want to improve your health and wellness, Dr. Dresner can definitely help you.

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