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Chiropractor Keeps Sochi Olympic Athletes In Top ConditionTeam USA is ready for action in the Sochi Winter Olympics, thanks to the conditioning they received from their chiropractor.

The team’s chiropractor, Dr. Pat Prikkel, is one of the few licensed chiropractic practitioners nationwide who can treat Olympic athletes.

Chiropractic treatments help athletes condition their bodies and perform at their best during rigorous training and games.

If you are an athlete looking for a chiropractor in Wellington or Loxahatchee, consult with Dr. Dresner. He is a fully licensed chiropractor in the state of Florida and is certified by the National Board of Chiropractor examiners.

Dr. Dresner trained in physiological therapeutics and is certified in all aspects of physical therapy, making him the ideal person to consult for sports related injuries or body conditioning for athletes who value safety and injury prevention during their trainings and games.

Dr. Dresner has been awarded the “Best of the West Award- Best Chiropractor in Wellington and the Western Communities.”

Visit the Dresner Chiropractic Center today or call 561-798-9778 and consult with Dr. Dresner to get the chiropractic treatment suitable for your individual needs.